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Valentines Day Treats

Love heart popsicles

by Cybele
Once upon a time, I deemed Valentines Day as too soppy for me. Now, I love it. The world needs all the love it can get and anything that reminds me to tell those in my life that I love and treasure them has to be a good thing.

Watermelon heartsLove heart shaped treats | Blah Blah Magazine

Cut the watermelon slices about an inch thick before cutting with a cookie cutter or around a stencil and pop on a stick. I was thinking these would be great for breakfast.

Raspberry coulis popsicles

Love heart shaped treats | Blah Blah MagazineIngredientsLove heart shaped treats | Blah Blah Magazine

Ingredients to make 2 cups of coulis

Heart shape tray
150 gm / 11/2 lbs raspberries
6 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons lemon juice

To make the popsiclesRaspberry coulis

1. Using a hand blender, puree the raspberries, sugar and lemon juice until smooth.
2. Push the puree through a sieve to remove seeds.
3. Pour into heart shape tray
4. Fold foil in four layers and wrap around the tray, pierce the foil in the centre of each heart to hold the stick in place while freezing.
How do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Bele x 


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  1. Oh these are lovely treats Bele, very cute! We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day – certainly no card etc, but I do always cook a nice meal, open a nice bottle of wine and acknowledge it. I may receive some flowers too, if I’m lucky 🙂 V Day falls exactly halfway between my husband’s birthday and my birthday, so we do enough celebrating at this time of year.

    • Sounds like you have a very similar birthday to my son. It’s important to make sure these celebrations are done on one’s own terms and I can’t think of a better way than a good meal and tipple. Have a beautiful weekend x

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