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Weekend in a tree-house

by Naomi
I’m not sure why I never had a tree-house when I was a child but it may have been because my Lebanese father only knew how to build a bunker or bomb shelter. How amazing to be in your own space looking out above the rest of the world. So you can imagine my excitement at spending this weekend in an adult tree-house in Blue Mountains.
The best bits for me:
  • The beauty of nature and engineering – while I was reading, I often found myself distracted by a huge branch that had been sourced with the right bend to create part of the ceiling, a small corner of a branch used to create a handle for the kitchen cupboard and the gorgeous green shoots coming out of the still live trees winding around the place.
  • The lack of phone reception – no text messages, no access to the internet, no phone noises, no contact with the outside world, no fear, no joke. While I felt a little lost and even concerned, it didn’t take long at all to feel as free as the wild birds around me.
  • The toilet – in this place, it is the equivalent of a hole in the sky. The weird sensation whereby there is a slight delay between deposit and landing much like the thunder claps just after lightning. It never gets boring.
  • The complete transparency of the place – there are no curtains on any of the over 3000 windows there appears to be in the tree-house. This means that not only can we sit and enjoy the fantastic views looking up in bed, while standing in the shower and taking a (slightly delayed) dump, but that the outside world (the very little of it there is) can also see us in all our glory.
  • The moon and the sun – the complete transparency of the place (see above) means that you get to enjoy both the fantasticly bright sun (at 5am) and the more subtle but still quite fantastically bright moonshine (all through the night).
  • The sexual overtones – the metal chains, the choice of books, the paint, brushes and easel, the secret drawer filled with interesting paraphernalia including full American Indian headwear.
Definitely recommend it for a weekend away if you’re based in Sydney. There are a couple of little things I would change if I could such as installing a lift but otherwise, it was really a fantastic experience and a wonderfully refreshing couple of days.
PS. A big thanks to the birthday girl for the feature shot.

treehouse1 treehouse2 treehouse3

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  1. Wow, there are some amazing places to retreat to, thanks for sharing this one! I quite like the concept of no phone coverage and sleeping in the canopy…

  2. Wow just wow. No I have to say more because that looks like such a relaxing adventure. You now have me wondering where the toilet droppings land precisely. Guess I’ll have to make a booking to find out.

  3. What an absolutely stunning place to hide away for the weekend!!

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