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Kefir, wellness and the little things

Today’s Little Things is by Giselle from Your Kefir Source, a great blog about wellness with a focus on the power of fermented foods. Fermented foods like kefir, kim chi and yoghurt are a great way to make friends with the helpful bugs in our  system and help them fight the nasty ones. Giselle is a kefir master and here to share some of the little things that have had a big impact:

Many things have their genesis in the smallest changes. The largest fires start with little more than a bit of fuel touching an oxidizer under heat, starting a tiny chemical reaction—a spark—that eventually becomes the blaze. It’s the butterfly flapping his wings and affecting the path of the hurricane, the missing horseshoe nail that led to the loss of a kingdom.

 It’s the thing you did or didn’t do that led to where you are now.

 If you really reflect on it, how many of the most important developments in your life can be attributed to such seemingly minute moments, objects, or changes? Even more importantly, how many things in your life can you alter in a significant way with the smallest step?

Speaking for myself, I’ve realized that I owe a lot of the best things in my life to small changes. Here are the 5 small changes I made in my own life that ended up making the biggest improvements.

1. Consciously trying to eat healthy.Salad-in-a-jar recipe | Blah Blah Magazine

Another all-too-true cliché: you’re what you eat. One day I just decided to give it my best: I tried to buy organic, switched to fruit smoothies from sodas, learned healthier recipes, and traded in the whipped cream for yoghurt and eventually, even kefir (which I now love, by the way). But that doesn’t mean I went into a bout of self-loathing for occasionally indulging in a bag of chips or some fast food.  

Having a balanced (not uptight) approach to what you eat is so important to happiness, I think. My dedication to this resolution led to me feeling physically better, looking physically better (eating well does wonders for the skin), and as a result, feeling all around great.

 2. Exercising regularly.NZ_11-Paulie-View

Once I started feeling better from the good food, it wasn’t that hard to take the next self-improvement step. I started out with just a simple walk every day. Now, I jog at least thrice a week. The thing is, exercise turns out to be addictive for a lot of people, even those who think they’ll hate it. And not only does it make you look and feel healthy, it also gives you a great chance to get out and socialize.

 3. Being kinder.Tipi

Simple fact: it’s hard to be mean when you feel good all the time. So I made another resolution: do at least one good thing for someone else each day. After a while, it became a habit—and not just a once-a-day one either. Thanks to this habit, I can safely say my popularity has only been improving.

 4. Cleaning the bedroom—regularly.Bedroom-2

 This sounds odd, I know, but it’s because I didn’t use to be a very tidy person. I used to clean or tidy up the room only once a month. Now I tidy it up at least once a day and clean it every week. And I can honestly say that I never felt this comfortable or happy inside my own bedroom when I was still allowing the dust and mess to pile up.

 5. Joining a book club.

Another small change with big results. Joining a book club opened my horizons drastically, introducing me not just to great or significant literature but also teaching me how to be confident enough to express my opinions to others and discuss those opinions in a mature, cordial manner even with those holding another perspective.

Reading more also taught me to live more, to open myself up to more of the everyday experiences that make up the stories of our lives, and to savor each page of my own life as it unfolds for me.

Have you tried kefir or other fermented foods? How did you find it?

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  1. Oh I adore this post… My favourite… When you are happier you do nice things for others, and now it’s a habit… So so cool wouldn’t the world be so much nicer with happier people? I’m going to start doing some of your habits in the hope that they will become mine. I’ve joined a 10 week challenge doing Pilates so at least I’ve started.

  2. I am greatly inspired by this post. With the year nearing to an end, wouldn’t it be great to practice this approach by following small steps as opposed to starting afresh in the new year? I need to read more about fermented food. I love yoghurt but haven’t ventured out to try other fermented foods.

  3. oh I love this!! Totally true how it is the little things that add up to having the biggest effect.

    I struggled eating milk keffir. So much so, that I let it go. I’m disappointed with myself over this, yet I understand that it obviously wasn’t the right time. Things cannot be forced. I’ll come back to this practice another day.

    Thank you for linking up your beautiful series to #thankfulthursday xS

  4. I love these tips.
    Not sure I can do the healthy eating thing all the time but I have been making aan effort to be tidier through the whole house!!

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