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Brunswick Heads

I was devastated when one of my dearest friends moved away from Sydney to Brunswick Heads.

‘Where?’ I asked.
‘Just north of Byron Bay,’ she said. ‘It shares the same beach.’
‘Oh.’What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah MagazineIt was sixteen years ago and I’ve recovered from the trauma. In fact, I love that she made the move. I’ve had a really good excuse to visit Bruns at least once a year since and time seems more catch up friendly there.

I’ve even walked to Byron by accident. You see, we started talking our way along Brunswick Beach and ended up in Byron, 13.5 kilometres, later.

The surface of the town has changed a lot in that time. Well, there are more shops, restaurants, cafes and an amazing number of hairdressers (five at last count), but underneath she’s still the same town.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine

What’s still doing in Brunswick Heads

Hotel Brunswick, with the best beer garden in the universe, is still filled with flowering Poinciana trees.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine The rattly wooden bridge heading over the clear sandy-bottomed Simpsons Creek, still has kids jumping off it at high tide.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah MagazineThe road still leads out to the river mouth and beaches. Alongside the break wall is Torakina, a flatwater beach, where swimmers and babies still splash about.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine The surfers still walk past and stare down the main beach towards Byron and the lighthouse.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah MagazineThe locals still talk about the tides all the time, almost by way of greeting. The fishing folk, surfers, kayakers and the swimmers all want to know what the water is doing. Most things are better at high tide, like swimming at Torakina and kayaking up Simpsons Creek is nearly impossible at low tide, whereas fishing seems to be more popular at the low tide.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah MagazineThe carnival with its bingo tent and collection of spinning things still comes to town, every summer.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah MagazineAnd this collection of thongs along this back fence continues to grow.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine

Food and Drink in Brunswick Heads

A darling new thing is the Footbridge Café. It’s the only place we went for coffee and breakfast the entire time we were there and we fell in love with Dylan, Bubbles and the rest of the crew.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine Otherwise, Yami’s felafel, calamari from Starfish, Prawn Star pizza from Sticky Fingers, the daily special from the Fish Co-op or Bernardi’s gelato continued to fill our bellies.

Shopping in Brunswick Heads

A trip wouldn’t be complete without a peek in the Fabulous Mrs Fox,What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine Peace by Piece (where I may have ordered some shoes handmade by Cobbler Amanda Coutts),What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine Lucy Vanstone pottery and the markets on the first Saturday of the month.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine

Accommodation in Brunswick Heads

The three caravan parks, Massey Greene, Terrace Reserve and Ferry Reserve, all lining the river and creek, have cabins, caravans and campsites. I’m guessing they’re pretty heavily booked these days and will continue to keep the tourist trade low rise and wholesome for many years to come.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah MagazineHowever, we love Shaunagh and Dickie who own the Chalet Motel and their swimming pool is handy for motel guests when the river is suffering low-tide-itis.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine

Other bits and bobs to do in Brunswick Heads

If you have a budding fire fighter who likes to loiter outside the Brunswick Heads Fire Station, staring at the fire truck inside, you might just meet Fireman Paul on his morning coffee run and he might just offer to show you around the Brunswick Heads fire trucks.What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine If your budding fire fighter is also interested in Marine Resuce, you can obey the ‘Visitors welcome’ and ‘knock loudly’ signs on the Marine Rescue tower. The lovely people will let you have a look inside at the gazillion radios they have on hand and the lovely view over the beach and break wall. What to do in Brunswick Heads | Blah Blah Magazine

Do you check out the real estate windows when you’re on holiday? Have you been to Brunswick Heads? And what are favourite things to do in the Byron Shire? I’d love to hear in the comments below x

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  1. Brunswick Heads is such a fantastic spot! I have many childhood memories there as I have family that way (pretty sure thats the bridge we’d all jump off into the water as kids). I would love to get up there more often. x

  2. We went to Footbridge because of your droolworthy Instagram pics and we were not disappointed. My heart still misses a beat when I think about those pancakes! We also loved Yami’s felafel – the best chickpea balls I’ve had the good fortune to eat outside of Israel! I spent a long time swooning in front of the real estate agents when we were in town, but what is with all those hair salons?!

  3. haha best blog title ever. Take me to Brunswick… it totally looks like my kind of place and pace xx

  4. Son, I honestly think you’d love it and make sure you have some time to shop. I think you’d find some things that need you x

  5. Oh, I just love that thong fence, we might just have to take a trip up there if the hairdressers are no good here, lol! x Oh, and stop for a shop and some of that gorgeous food.

  6. Hi Bele, We live in Brisbane and absolutely love visiting any of those beautiful beaches on the Tweed Coast and further South. Such relaxed, heavenly places. Love how slowly but surely you can find a great cafe or restaurant too. Your friend is very lucky to live at Brunswick! Loved all of your beautiful images… Rachael

  7. I haven’t been to Brunswick Heads before but it looks gorgeous. I have been to Sydney, Gold Coast and Cairns but what I would really love to do is drive up the east coast from Victoria to Queensland one day. Brunswick Heads looks like a good spot to stop off for a few days!

  8. We live so close but have only been once. I think I’ll try and do more summer trips to northern NSW to take advantage of daylight savings!

  9. Haven’t been but it looks lovely. A good breakfast/brunch spot plus gorgeous shops are selling it to me big time! I think a road trip up the coast from Sydney to the Gold Coast would be brilliant to explore all these seaside towns.

    We’re in Jervis Bay atm and loving checking out the real estate windows!

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