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What to do on Kangaroo Island

by Cybele
We settled into our camp chairs to enjoy our first beer on Kangaroo Island, inhale the pure island air, admire the sunset through the gum trees and all that lovely stuff.
BOOM, CRASH, SNORT, THUMP, SNORT, SNORT, sounded from behind the shrubs.
Do they have wild pigs around here? I worried to myself.
More snorting.
Gordon and I looked at each other and stood up. I was subtly edging my way back towards the tent.
Louder snorting.
‘What the fuck is that?’ Gordon said.
More snorting.
‘A koala,’ a woman behind the trees said.
‘Oh, they don’t sound so cute and fluffy,’ Gordon said.What to do on Kangaroo Island | Blah Blah Magazine
Kangaroo Island, off the South Australian coastline, is probably the only place in the world with an overpopulation of Koalas. To the point where they even considered culling them. Now they send the extras over to Victoria and other parts of South Australia to try and build up their population on the mainland.
It’s not just koalas. A drive at twilight is like a marsupial and monotreme party: echidnas, wallabies, kangaroos and koalas. We didn’t catch sight platypus, but they have quite a few apparently. And did I mention the seals? These are the Sea Lions: What to do on Kangaroo Island | Blah Blah Magazine
The fur seals live down the road:What to do on Kangaroo Island | Blah Blah Magazine
Gordon plucked scallops off the wharf and caught some fish.What to do on Kangaroo Island | Blah Blah Magazine (Don’t mention the crayfish that got away. It was this big…………………………………………………………………………………..…)
The beaches are all right too. This one, West Bay, is officially my new favourite beach in the world. Probably because we found it on a stinking hot day, it’s at the end of a long dirt road, in the middle of no where and there were caves for us to sit in between dips in the water.What to do on Kangaroo Island | Blah Blah Magazine So. The water temperature. It’s a lot better than I expected and I can honestly say it is warm in the sheltered aka family beaches, like Stokes Bay.What to do on Kangaroo Island | Blah Blah MagazineOh, Kangaroo Island, how I miss thee.
What is your fave island destination?
Cybele x

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