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How to write on a pillow

Love the Home You Have – day twenty seven– bedroom project

by Cybele
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The writing’s on the pillow

Do you have a quote that you love? Are you obsessed about it? I have one that I’ve written on mirrors with eyeliner, stolen my son’s magnetic letters to recreate on the fridge and now, I sleep with it.
It’s where Mary Oliver is talking to a grasshopper and asks,
Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life
I am at one with the grasshopper.

Writing on the pillow ingredients:How to write on a pillow

Quote written on paper
Fabric pen
1. Slide the quote template inside the pillowcase. Align about four inches in from the seam and a third of the way up the pillow and pin in place.How to write on a pillow2. Mark the position with a pencil and ruler. Take a deep breath and trace the words.How to write on a pillow3. Erase the pencil markings and iron over the text to set the fabric pen. pillow-sq
Our littlest  woke up while I was taking the photos and that’s when it dawned on me why I love this quote. It seems to fit all the members of this little family, perfectly.
Bele x
Click through to the printable quote:  Your one wild and precious life
What’s your favourite quote?

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  1. I love this! Beautiful idea and beautiful bubba. I’ll take 5 of both 🙂

  2. This would be an awesome tattoo, too – around the wrist 🙂

    • If only I was braver. I decided when I was nineteen that I would get a tattoo if I still wanted the same tattoo in two years time, hence I have no tattoos and it shows how fickle I can be x

  3. It always seem the more simple the project the more beautiful it is . Well done!

  4. Did you use a fabric pen marker or fabric paint marker?

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